Caviar on Spoon

Caviar is one of the oldest delicacies and a staple of luxury. Similar to other luxury products, the caviar market has grown accustomed to high margins and traditional sales channels. Imperia is disrupting the competition with an innovative supply chain and D2C model. Now, you can invest in this luxury democratizer.

Invest in Luxury Disruption


Strategic Advantage

Imperia is out-competing market players through an innovative supply chain and D2C model. Read more here.


Imperia has already found product-market fit demonstrated by revenue and subscriber growth. Customer growth is propelled by Imperia’s high quality product.


The caviar market is expected to reach $1.5B by 2024!

Company Roadmap

Repurpose this operational and marketing expertise to expand into other luxury verticals.


Imperia is following a proven path to disruption by offering a premium product at a lower price point; driven by two strategic advantages:

Supply chain

The global supply of Caviar has changed as new sustainable and scalable cultivation practices are adopted, but the industry hasn’t caught up. We're now able to offer premium caviar at a much lower price point.


Imperia is out-competing the market players with it's high-quality product from select farms, and by meeting consumer preferences via easy-to-use online channels for single purchases and subscriptions.

Caviar tin with spoon

Luxury You Can Feel Good About


By working directly with our sturgeon farm partners to optimize production and transportation, we are able to offer premium-quality caviar at prices 4x lower than the market.


Our direct-to-consumer sales channel and subscription model make it easy for anyone to integrate caviar into their daily diet.


We're changing the market by repositioning Caviar through innovative digital advertising using a multi-brand strategy.

Expansion into the Gourmet Food space

Wagyu and caviar tin

Our mission, to make waves in the gourmet food market by offering the best products at the most competitive pricing, is underway.

We are proud to announce the recent launch of our next line of luxury products: A5 Kagoshima Wagyu beef. 

Our beautifully marbled Certified A5 Japanese Wagyu Ribeye has an incredibly high BMS and is raised under the highest standards, using no unnecessary antibiotics or artificial growth hormones. Our initial 8oz and 16oz offerings have already seen great success amongst our loyal customers. 

We will continue to uphold our reputation as a trustworthy curator of extremely fresh, fairly priced fine foods with new product additions within the next year. 

Omni-channel Growth With Subscriber Traction


in gross rev. Since inception

Our online shop represents our largest revenue stream. We have experienced 300% YoY growth in online sales since launching DTC in 2018.

2021 sales surpassed 7 tonnes of caviar.

The Caviar Club

Active Users & Members

We currently have 23,000+ total active users, with 6,000+ customers. Dozens of subscribers have prepaid for the full year.


Q3 2021
Introducing other gourmet foods

We have already launched our wagyu line in 3Q21 and plan to introduce truffle, olive oil and other goods in the next three quarters.


Q4 2021

As the restaurant industry recovers from COVID-19 lockdowns we have new opportunities to introduce caviar at a lower price point. As well as growth areas in luxury events, private yachting and aviation.

Caviar Tin


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50g of Imperia Caviar
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1 year access to The Caviar Club’s member privileges
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7 year access to The Caviar Club’s member privileges
Lifetime access to The Caviar Club’s member privileges
Lifetime access to The Caviar Club’s member privileges
Lifetime access to The Caviar Club’s member privileges

Caviar Club Member Privileges

Complimentary shipping
Member pricing
Access to exclusive events
Early access to limited edition caviar and other luxury products
Virtual tasting events

Growing Industry: The Caviar Market is Expected to be $1.5B by 2024

Our drastically lower prices and direct-to-consumer access positions Imperia to capture market share in the growing caviar industry, which is expected to grow to $1.5B by 2024


Imperia Leadership Team

Sony Head Shot
Sony Mordechai
  1. Founder & Visionary
    CEO: Global Eye Investments
    Co-Founded: 17+ Operating Companies
    Past Recognitions
    X-Prize innovation Board Member Member of YPO, Tiger21, Vistage, Platinum Partners, Eo, A360, VCx 60+ Venture & Angel Investments
    B.A. Hons in Investment Banking & Intl Finance, City University of London
Nikos Headshot
Nicholas Pnevmatikakis
  1. COO & Integrator
    25+ years of experience running multi-million dollar projects and managing departments of 200 people generating $25M+ per year.
    B. Sin Physics, University of Athens Fintech Certificate, MIT M.B.A, The University of Liverpool
Aliki Head Shot
Aliki Lala
    7 years of experience in Creative Direction & Leadership, Design & Marketing.

    B.F.A, University of Southern California